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Valentine's Day... Galentine's Day... Don't forget to send a card day!

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Valentine’s Day - aka Show ‘em You Love ‘em Day, Profess Your Love Day, Don’t Forget to Buy Roses Day, or Just Chill with Your Loved Ones Day! For all the partakers out there, while some may choose to send unique cards and others go all out, it is a day celebrated by many nevertheless and it has an interesting story. It was not associated with anything romantic until the late middle ages. During the Victorian Era, it was popular in England to send a card, the practice began with hand-made Valentine’s cards.



There are some unique ways it is celebrated around the world:

In China, people visit the Temple of the Matchmaker to pray for love or luck in love. In Finland Valentine’s Day is called Friend’s Day where close friends will send a card and gift to each other. A different take on the day, in South Korea on February 14th women give chocolate to men and on March 14th, called White Day, men give non-chocolate candy to women and on April 14th, called Black Day (aka Tax Day in the States), those who got nothing on Feb 14th or Mar 14th go to a Chinese restaurant and eat black noodles!! From sweets to black noodles the various traditions include: to exchange gifts such as chocolates, to send roses or flowers, to go on a romantic night out of town or to be thoughtful a send a personalized greeting card. Have you checked out our V-Day collection? You should! :)

Pick from an array of lovable, adorable, fun and unique illustrations with catchy one-liners, and you can have a personalized greeting card mailed directly to your crush, your love, your friend, your family, your co-worker, anyone - You pick, you personalize with photos, we mail, and a few days later your recipient smiles!


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