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The tradition of sending Christmas cards

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The tradition of sending Christmas cards started in the UK by a government worker who set-up the Public Record Office, which is now called the Post Office, to send a card. The first unique cards were designed and only about 1000 cards were printed. As improvements in printing came about, unique holiday greeting cards became more popular and were produced in greater numbers. The first personalized greeting card was sent the Christmas of 1891 in Scotland by the well known sharpshooter and star of a Wild West show. She decided to send a card back to her friends and family in the United States featuring a photo of her on it. We have made sure to carry that thought forward, choose from several CareGatto personalized greeting cards and designs and in a few clicks your thoughtful greeting card and gift, if you chose, are on their way. Gift and greeting card giving continues to be an important aspect in our lives and takes place everyday. It feels good to receive a card, it comes from the warmth and joy of opening the card. Even more what if the greeting cards you send are like a gift in it of itself? ...a CareGatto card is a gift, a personalized greeting card made, scented (if you chose) and packed in a manner that’s meaningful and attractive to the recipient. Send a card from the collection of unique cards and designs that are sure to make your family and friends happy this holiday season - or for a happy birthday, happy anniversary, pet sympathy, thank you or just because!  


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