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Small birthday gifts to send

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Some people like to go all out with birthday gifts... and some take the small but memorable route. If you are the latter gift giver, you're at the right place...

We've created a collection of small birthday gifts that are unique and meaningful and personal. Spoiler alert: no gift baskets here! Or chocolates... or lotions.. or, well you get the idea. We'd like to be a bit more original when it comes to giving birthday gifts or gifts in general.

Here is our selection of small birthday gifts that are sure to make anyone excited and intrigued and don't cost an arm and a leg to send.

Since we created our photo greetings with the thought of a greeting card igniting just as much excitement as a gift, it's the first item on our list of small birthday gifts to send.

1- Caregatto photo greetings

Small birthday gifts to send

They're personal, thoughtful, and with 2 inserted photos, the memories will outlive the card. What's more? They can be scented with your choice of essential oil! Include a packet of seeds inside and it'll be a beautiful small birthday gift to send to anyone anywhere!

2- Seeds!

Small birthday gifts to send

Currently we offer: basil, tomato, and cucumber as a little add-on to all our birthday cards. Ok, so maybe not necessarily a birthday gift, but definitely a sweet little thing to complement the card that's sure to make the average recipient smile. And once planted, you'll be a constant reminder every time they water the seed. Ha!

3- Colorful hearts carved out of soapstone

small birthday gifts to send

To clarify, these aren't soaps. They're painted stones. And they are absolutely adorable! Perfect small birthday gift for anyone we hold near and dear to our heart These hearts are hand-carved and hand-painted by the artists of SMOLArt, a group of artists who live in the rural village of Tabaka, Kenya, the heart of soapstone crafts. We think these make great small birthday gifts since they are memorable and unique and for just $13, you just can't go wrong.

 4- A box of Positive Vibes

small birthday gifts to send

For our spiritual friends, there is no better small birthday gift than a crystal of choice (Amethyst cluster, Rose Quarts, Citrine cluster, etc.), a smudge stick of choice (white sage, cedar, yerba santa, etc.), and a palo santo stick each with an information sheet  inside a box.

5- Banana fiber sculptures from Kenya

How cool are these little guys? They definitely deserve a spot in our small birthday gifts collection. They are made of banana fiber, wire, fabric and wood and sit on a branch from a jacaranda tree. Prices range from $20-22, depending on the design and they ship for free!




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