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New Beginnings

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It’s a NEW YEAR - for some it is a time for new beginnings and for others maybe just a simple restart to get recharged for a new year filled with love, laughter, happiness, success and great adventures! We found some cool ways that other countries celebrate the New Year...pretty interesting! In Scotland on NYE they swing around large fireballs to ward off evil spirits, this dates back over 100 years. In Brazil people wear white while they offer white flowers and candles to the Sea Goddess. In Siberia trees are planted underneath frozen lakes and rivers as a symbol for starting over. In Spain 12 grapes are eaten at midnight to ward off bad luck for the new year, each grape represents a month of the year. And this one is great, in South Africa on NYE people throw furniture out of their windows to offer a fresh start!

Whether it’s fireballs, white flowers or a sweet gesture for someone to send a’s a CELEBRATION! It can be at the start of the New Year or throughout the year. Check out our personalized greeting cards to create and send a tailor-made greeting card and share the love!


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