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Unique Frida Kahlo Birthday Card Mailed For You

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We at CareGatto wanted to pay the incomparable Frida Kahlo homage by way of our illustration: the Frida Kahlo Birthday Card - live, laugh and be light. We offer two versions of our Frida Kahlo Birthday card: One including her quote "Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and abandon oneself, to be light", and one without the quote. You can select which version you'd like to send when personalizing the birthday card. With our Photo Greetings, you can upload 2 photos, to be printed and inserted on each side of the Frida Kahlo birthday card. 


Friday Kahlo birthday card mailed for you

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Friday kahlo birthday card

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Frida Kahlo birthday card



Send this Frida Kahlo birthday card to that fearless powerful person in your life - be it a mother, grandmother, friend, or sister. Now you can upload photos into our personalized photo greetings directly from your cell phone or instagram. Paired with one of our many gift items from our gift collection,  this package of Frida Kahlo birthday card is bound to have a smile delivered on their special day.

More than just a great artist, Frida Kahlo was an incredible Woman. Through physical and emotional pain she grew and developed a rich inner presence which she shared with the world through her artwork. Kahlo’s soul shined bright and radiant, and the impact of her imaginative and painfully honest art can be felt greatly to this day. Although she never called herself a feminist, she inspired women to find the wild and free feminine within and to embrace their creative nature. Frida danced to the beat of her own drum, unafraid of disapproval. She exemplifies true, authentic, creative and wild feminine energy.

One of the most overexposed artistic figures of all time, Frida Kahlo, was an artist regarded as a feminist for her depiction of the female form and experience. Frida’s art is glorified in Mexico for her notice to Mexican and Indigenous culture.  Her fame however expands past Mexico’s borders throughout the world, her image recognized everywhere - her pain, passion and emotional life have given breath into her paintings. Frida’s suffering was undeniable - the devastating accident that left her literally broken and the tumultuous relationship with her husband Diego Rivera. Frida’s personal life was indeed painful and her passion was expressed and depicted through her Art. Albeit her strengths also prevailed off the canvas and in a political realm as well. Frida was a passionate Communist. Frida was and continues to be an inspiration, a true gift to [artistic] society.




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