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Our top 20 favorite best friend matching tattoos and why we picked them

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Want to get a matching tattoo with your best friend but aren't sure what to get? There is always that one person that we know will stay in our lives forever, so why not get a matching tattoo to show the world that our bond is deep and bound to last forever. I mean, couples always get matching tattoos, why not best friends? Like one of our favorites, Johnny Depp, puts it: "My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story". Your best friend is one of the main characters of your story, and therefore deserving a spot on your body.

We incorporate tattoos in some of our greeting cards, each having a distinct meaning. Being admirers of art in all forms, we believe tattoos are a great way of expressing oneself through art. We have put together a collection of our favorite matching best friend tattoo pictures along with an explanation of why we love them. 

Tattoo art greeting card best friend matching tattoos



#1 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
When you and your best friend are like night and day, but can't exist without each other. This matching best friend tattoo is one of our favorite takes on the Yin & Yang. Just because you two are friends doesn't mean you two are alike. Yin and Yang, while being (the unity of) opposites, are never separate and simply cannot exist without the other. Night looks, feels, and is very different than day, yet it is impossible to have night without day and vise versa. Together they create a complete whole, a totality. Similar to your friendship!

Photo by @jm_ink

Night and day best friend tattoos

#2 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
This one is pretty self explanatory and we love the humor! 

Photo by @goldlagrimas

Funny best friend tattoo design rainbow unicorn

#3 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
"A best friend is a sister destiny forgot to give you". We love this quote on this matching tattoo. Friends are really the family we choose for ourselves. The illustration on this adorable matching best friend tattoo can be anything you decide, the bestie quote will seal the deal on any design.

Photo by @just_ink

A best friend is a sister destiny forgot to give you tatto


#4 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
Similar to our first pick, this is another take on the complementing opposites. Two feathers, black and white, complementing each other like a Yin & Yang... Because duh, you can't exist without your best friend.

Photo @t.ria671

Best friend tattoo designs - feather yin & yang

#5 Best Friend Tattoo Design: "
Together forever and never apart, maybe by distance but never by heart". This heart balloon tied to an anchor beautifully demonstrates this quote and is a perfect tattoo to get with your best friend because no amount of distance can separate two hearts that are connected.

Photo by @fraeulein.tinte

Matching best friend tattoos never apart

#6 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial. A cute matching tattoo to get as a reminder that your best friend is always there for you and just a phone call away! 

Photo by @arickreesetattoos

Best friend matching tattoos always there for you 

#7 Best Friend Tattoo Design: We all have one. Who is your partner in crime? This matching tattoo of half hearts is perfect for that best friend you do crazy stuff with and get in trouble together, then look back and laugh about it.

Photo by @mauvaisgarconstattooshop

Best friend matching tattoos partner in crime

#8 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
Are you more of a margarita girl while your best friend is a wine type of a gal? Why not get a matching tattoo of your favorite drinks with your own little twist, in this case, a full-on matching face. 

Photo by @danceswithfish

Best friend matching tattoos wine and margaritta

#9 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
I promise to always be there. A matching pinky promise illustration with the full moon in the background. 

 By @rs_tattoos

Matching best friend tattoo ideas pinky promise


#10 Best Friend Tattoo Design: Even when we are miles apart we still walk under the same sun and we sleep under the same moon. A great matching tattoo to show that no amount of distance can come in-between you and your best friend.

Photo by @emilylang95

Distance can't come between us matching best friend tattoo

#11 Best Friend Tattoo Design: Lock and key. A perfect matching tattoo to get with that one friend who holds you together and keeps you in check. 

Photo by @sassytatz13
Best friend tattoo design matching lock and key

#12 Best Friend Tattoo Desig
n: This super cute peanut butter and jelly tattoo is absolutely adorable... because you aren't complete without your bestie just like a peanut butter sandwich that's missing jelly!
Photo by @cketch3
Peanut butter and jelly best friend tattoos

#13 Best Friend Tattoo Design: A puzzle piece that represents friendship. The puzzle can be personalized based on what you and your best friend find the most fitting for each of you.
Photo by @nothumantats
Best friend tattoos puzzle pieces

#14 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
Who is your soul sister?
 Soul sister best friend matching tattoo

#15 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
We love this interesting design these best friends came up with. Matching umbrellas, because you'll cover your bestie when it rains. 
Photo by @afrojess28
Unique best friend matching tattoo umbrella

#16 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
We picked this adorable heart toe tattoo for all those who want to get a matching tattoo with their best friend but don't exactly want it to be anywhere visible. A perfect forever reminder that pretty much only you and your bestie know about.. and perhaps anyone giving you a foot massage or pedicure? Ha! The jet steam connecting the heart is perhaps for distance, because no amount of distance can come between two hearts that are connected. 
Photo by
Adorable matching best friend tattoos

#17 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
Large flocks of birds flying together (aka murmuration). Who is in your flock? Your best friend of course. This matching tattoo is unique, simple, and meaningful. Did you know that some birds, such as swans, geese and flamingos, when flying form V-shaped tight patterns, while others fly together in loose flocks? V-shaped formations can help these birds conserve energy because each bird flies slightly ahead of the other causing there to be less wind resistance!
Photo by @dianahellman
Best friend matching tattoos birds

#18 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
 Lotus flowers. In this case, all 3 friends got the same matching tattoo of a lotus flower. Lotus flower represents patience, purity, faithfulness, self-awareness, love, and compassion. In friendship, it can represent the desire to remain loyal to your friends, be patient with them, and be there for them through thick and thin. 
Photo by @valery_tattoo
Best friend matching tattoos of lotus flower

#19 Best Friend Tattoo Design: 
These adorable watercolor boat and anchor tattoos are matching without matching! The sailboat vs paper boat gives them each their uniqueness but the fairly similar watercolor and concept makes them matching and perfect for two best friends who are individually different but overall the same.
Photo by @melissa_daye
Adorable best friend matching tattoos that don't really match

#20 Best Friend Tattoo Design:
When you're miles (or oceans or continents) away but a piece of your heart is always with your best friend, you get a matching tattoo to show it! 
Photo by @craftylulu
Matching best friend tattoos missing piece of my heart

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  • Love #10. My friend just moved to Spain to study and we wanted to get a matching tattoo before she left and were struggling with what to get… I think this gives me an idea! :)))

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