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The Wonderful Llamacorn

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What's a Llamacorn? Let's put it this way... A Llamacorn is to a Llama what a Unicorn is to a horse! ha. So why isn't a unicorn called a horsecorn? We aren't exactly sure. Nonetheless, a llamacorn is a wonderful, fabulous creature and deserves just as much love and admiration as the unicorn.

Since we already had a unicorn birthday card, we decided to not play favorites and have a card for the cute llamacorn as well. After all, we didn't want to come across as the llamacorn haters, because we really are not! We love both our fantasy animals equally... and no, it's is not for political correctness.
Llamacorn birthday card original greeting by CareGatto 

So whether you're a Llamacorn fan, a Unicorn fan, an actual Llamacorn, or anything in-between... just remain fabulous and be proud of your choices and who you are.

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